Last week, the team at Notion released the beta of their new public API: As a Notion user myself (but mainly as an API nerd), I took a look at what the new API looks like. Thought I’d share my findings here.

API Style

Let’s start by the API style. Some…

🌱 This post is still growing and likely will change as best practices evolve 🌳

GraphQL errors are something many of us struggle with. Good practices are emerging but the community has not yet settled on a convention. …

GraphQL has a reputation for its N+1 problem which can often happen when implemented naively. This leads to a lot of us trying to solve the issue of data fetching with GraphQL in the most efficient way possible. …

GraphQL is everywhere these days. From Facebook’s original usage of it to some more funky usages like databases, GraphQL is loved by so many developers that we are starting to use it in areas nobody would’ve thought of initially.

Every technology has its use cases for which it is ideal…

And Why Union Types are Far from a Silver Bullet

This post is a snippet from Production Ready GraphQL. It is part of an update I’m working on for the schema design chapter in version 1.3. I decided to release it publicly as well because this side of abstract types is not talked about very much, and the subtle differences…

As GraphQL is gaining in popularity, misconceptions about how it works and what it provides are also growing. I demystify a lot of these misconceptions in detail in Production Ready GraphQL, but here’s a little top 3 list of misconceptions I see and hear around GraphQL these days.


REST: Requires…

Should GraphQL queries be abstracted away?

Recently, a new GraphQL javascript client was released called gqless. The idea is really cool and clever: instead of writing GraphQL queries, client write typescript code in their application, and queries are generated at runtime.

gqless is a fundamentally new approach to a GraphQL client. It makes using your API…

I’m really happy to announce that my book Production Ready GraphQL is now available!

The book contains a full overview of what is needed to build great GraphQL APIs:

  • Schema Design
  • Implementation Techniques
  • Performance & Monitoring
  • Security
  • Architecture
  • Documentation
  • Migrating from legacy APIs
  • A lot more: Everything I’ve learnt on building GraphQL APIs is in there!

With the book you may also get the Complete Package which contains:

  • Three extra guides (A schema design checklist you can keep close when building features, a full cheatsheet on making schema changes and evolving an API, and a few reviews of publicly accessible APIs to learn from existing APIs)
  • 4 interviews with amazing GraphQL community members including folks from Shopify, GitHub & More

Thanks for your support over the past few years!

Coming out March 23rd!

I’m really happy to announce that my book Production Ready GraphQL is finally done and will be available on March 23rd!

This project started with a book I called “The Little Book of GraphQL Schema Design”, but quickly evolved into a bigger project. The book not only changed name but…

How do you version GraphQL APIs? The most common answer you’ll get these days is “you don’t”. If you’re like me when I first read that, you might be a little anxious about maintaining a version-less API or a bit skeptical of the approach. …

Marc-André Giroux

#GraphQL Enthusiast, Speaker, Platform Interface Engineer @ GitHub 📖 Book is now available

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