Production Ready GraphQL is Now Available!


I’m really happy to announce that my book Production Ready GraphQL is now available!

The book contains a full overview of what is needed to build great GraphQL APIs:

  • Schema Design
  • Implementation Techniques
  • Performance & Monitoring
  • Security
  • Architecture
  • Documentation
  • Migrating from legacy APIs
  • A lot more: Everything I’ve learnt on building GraphQL APIs is in there!

With the book you may also get the Complete Package which contains:

  • Three extra guides (A schema design checklist you can keep close when building features, a full cheatsheet on making schema changes and evolving an API, and a few reviews of publicly accessible APIs to learn from existing APIs)
  • 4 interviews with amazing GraphQL community members including folks from Shopify, GitHub & More

Thanks for your support over the past few years!



Marc-André Giroux

#GraphQL Enthusiast, Speaker, Senior Software Developer @ Netflix 📖 Book is now available